Jena 2.0 Library Plugin

This is an Eclipse update site for the Jena Library Plugin. This plugin is a simple wrapper for the latest Jena libraries (available for download at at that allows use of the API when developing other Eclipse plugins.

To install the plugin:

  1. Launch Eclipse
  2. Open the Window menu, Open Perspective submenu, and choose "Other..."
  3. Select "Install/Update" in the dialog box and click "OK".
  4. Right click in the "Feature Updates" view and select "New->Site Bookmark..." from the context menu.
  5. Enter "" in the URL field and check "Eclipse update site". Name the bookmark anything you want and click "Finish".
  6. Drill down into the new bookmark and select the most recent version of the Jena 2.0 libraries.
  7. Click the "Install" button and follow the instructions in the dialog box.