Interface ITraceWriter

public interface ITraceWriter

An interface for implementing trace output in SWeDE. A plugin that extends the com.bbn.swede.core.traceWriter extension point and provides an implementation of this interface will receive all trace output sent to OWLCore. This allows debug output to be captured without cluttering SWeDE with a lot of System.out.println() statements.

See Also:
OWLCore.trace(String, String, boolean)

Method Summary
 void write(String id, String msg, boolean error)
          Method used to write a trace message.

Method Detail


public void write(String id,
                  String msg,
                  boolean error)
Method used to write a trace message. This could be implemented to write to STDOUT, a log file, a window, etc.

id - short description of the class or method calling trace
msg - message to be written
error - whether this is considered an error or not

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