Class DefaultOASTRunnable

  extended bycom.bbn.swede.core.dom.DefaultOASTRunnable
All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class DefaultOASTRunnable
extends Object
implements IOASTRunnable

An abstract implementation of OAST runnable that returns a null primary node. Client code may extend this class rather than implementing IOASTRunnable if no primary node is desired for the resulting composite event.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 OASTNode getPrimaryNode()
          Returns a node to treat as the primary node for the composite event built by the runnable.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultOASTRunnable()
Method Detail


public OASTNode getPrimaryNode()
Description copied from interface: IOASTRunnable

Returns a node to treat as the primary node for the composite event built by the runnable. See OASTEvent.getPrimaryNode() for more information on primary nodes.

When runnables are nested, only the primary node of the enclosing runnable is considered. If the outermost runnable returns no primary node and an inner runnable does, the resulting event will still have no primary node.

Specified by:
getPrimaryNode in interface IOASTRunnable
The node to treat as primary for the resulting composite event, or null if there is no primary node.
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