Package com.bbn.swede.core

Provides classes and interfaces for interacting with the OWL model.


Interface Summary
IOWLClass Protocol specific to OWL class elements.
IOWLDocument Protocol specific to OWL document elements.
IOWLElement Common protocol for all elements provided by the OWL model.
IOWLElementVisitor An interface for objects that visit OWL elements.
IOWLExternalDocument Protocol specific to external OWL documents.
IOWLFolder Protocol specific to OWL folder elements.
IOWLLibrary An extension of the normal IOWLElement interface to provide support for libraries.
IOWLModel Protocol specific to the OWL model element.
IOWLProject Protocol specific to OWL project elements.
IOWLProperty Protocol specific to OWL property elements.
ITraceWriter An interface for implementing trace output in SWeDE.

Class Summary
ElementTypeVisitor An OWL element visitor for collecting OWL resources of a specific type.
OWLCore Plugin class for the core package.
OWLDocumentInfo A specialization of OWL element info for OWL documents.
OWLElementInfo Common implementation for OWL element info.
OWLNature Implementation of the Semantic Web nature.
SWeDECorePreferenceInitializer Class to initialize SWeDE Core plugin preferences.

Package com.bbn.swede.core Description

Provides classes and interfaces for interacting with the OWL model.

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