Interface IDelayedDocumentEventListener

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public interface IDelayedDocumentEventListener

A listener that handles composite document events in the OWL source editor. Document events are aggregated by the OWLDelayedSyntaxChecker until either a certain amount of time passes without another event coming in or an event comes in that is not adjacent to the one already being compiled. At that point, the composite event is sent out to all registered implementers of IDelayedDocumentEventListener for handling.

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Method Summary
 void handleEvent(DocumentEvent e)
          Performs custom handling of a composite document event.

Method Detail


public void handleEvent(DocumentEvent e)
Performs custom handling of a composite document event. Composite events are built and distributed by the OWL delayed syntax checker.

e - The composite event to be handled. As with regular document events, it may be a deletion, an insertion, or a combination of the two.

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