Package com.bbn.swede.editor

A text editor for OWL documents in the RDF/XML syntax.


Interface Summary
IDelayedDocumentEventListener A listener that handles composite document events in the OWL source editor.
IVisualizationPage Defines extra methods that must be implemented by visualization pages for synchronization with the OWL multi-page editor.

Class Summary
EditorPlugin Plugin class for the com.bbn.swede.editor plugin.
EditorPreferencesInitializaer Initializer for SWeDE editor preferences.
OWLColorProvider Maps content types to text colors for syntax highlighting in the OWL source editor.
OWLDelayedSyntaxChecker Aggregates document events for later handling.
OWLDocumentPartitioner Partitions OWL documents with a lightweight rules-based scanner.
OWLEditor Multi-page editor for OWL documents.
OWLEditorActionBarContributor This class conforms with the Eclipse style for enabling global actions for an editor.
OWLEditorContentOutlinePage Provides controls that appear in the Outline View when an OWLEditor is active.
OWLEditorInput Customization of FileEditorInput that provides easy access to SWeDE-specific information about the associated IFile.
OWLEditorPreferences Preference page for the OWL editor.
OWLPartitionScanner Rules-based scanner for OWLDocumentPartitioner.
OWLSourceEditor The text editor that appears as "Source" tab in OWLEditor.
OWLSourceViewerConfiguration Extends TextSourceViewerConfiguration to add OWL-specific features to OWLSourceEditor.
OWLVisualEditor Abstract base class for OWL visual editors.

Package com.bbn.swede.editor Description

A text editor for OWL documents in the RDF/XML syntax.

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