Package com.bbn.swede.library.kazuki

An Eclipse wrapper for Kazuki API generation.


Class Summary
InterfaceGenerator Generates Kazuki interfaces for OWL ontologies.
KazukiContainer A JDT classpath container for the Kazuki library.
KazukiContainerInitializer Initializes the Kazuki classpath container.
KazukiContainerPage Adds "Kazuki" to the "Add Library..." list for Java Projects.
KazukiPlugin Plugin class for com.bbn.swede.library.kazuki.
KazukiRuntimeResolver Provides access to the Kazuki jars at runtime.
VocabularyClassLoader A custom class loader that looks for SchemaGen vocabularies in the vocab package.

Package com.bbn.swede.library.kazuki Description

An Eclipse wrapper for Kazuki API generation.

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