Package com.bbn.swede.ui

Common user interface classes for SWeDE.


Class Summary
LibrariesPreferencesPage A preferences page for the configuration of SWeDE Libraries.
LibraryRefreshAction An action to encapsulate the refresh operation for libraries.
OASTContentProvider Captures the tag and attribute structure of a document's OAST as a JFace content provider.
OASTNodeLabelProvider Provides text and images for OASTNodes that appear in JFace viewers.
OWLImages Centralized image storage for SWeDE.
OWLLabelProvider Supplies text and icons for OWL elements, as well as standard icons for ordinary Eclipse resources.
OWLPerspective Implements initial setup operations for the Semantic Web perspective.
OWLSorter Provides custom categorizations for sorting OWL elements.
SWeDEPreferencesPage Initial implementation of a page to hold, and to allow for configuration of, SWeDE preferences.
UIPlugin Plugin class for com.bbn.swede.ui.

Package com.bbn.swede.ui Description

Common user interface classes for SWeDE.

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