Package com.bbn.swede.ui.wizards

Dialog boxes for creating and adding to Semantic Web projects and documents.


Class Summary
EntryMetadataSuggester This class is used to suggest library metadata for a file.
LibraryResourceTable The LibraryResourceTable is a graphical component which is a table that holds resources to be added or removed from a library during library construction.
LibraryWizardActionFactory This class will return actions to invoke either the creation or editing wizard for libraries.
NewOWLClassWizard Wizard for adding a class to an OWL document.
NewOWLClassWizardPage Wizard page for naming and labeling a new OWL Class.
NewOWLDocumentWizard Wizard for adding a new OWL document to a project.
NewOWLDocumentWizardPage Standard main page for a wizard that creates a file resource.
NewOWLOntologyWizard Wizard for adding an Ontology tag with versioning information to an OWL document.
NewOWLOntologyWizardPage Wizard page for naming and versioning an Ontology.
NewOWLProjectWizard Wizard for creating a new semantic web project.
NewOWLPropertyWizard Wizard for adding a property to an OWL document.
NewOWLPropertyWizardPage Wizard page for naming and labeling a new OWL object or datatype property.
OWLEditLibraryWizard A wizard that allows for editing of SWeDE Libraries.
OWLLibraryBuilderPageOne The second wizard page for the Library creation wizard.
OWLLibraryBuilderPageThree The fourth and final page of the library creation and edit wizards.
OWLLibraryBuilderPageTwo The third page of the SWeDE library creation and edit wizards.
OWLLibraryBuilderPageZero The first page for the OWL Library creation and edit wizards.
OWLLibraryEditorPageOne The second page of the Edit Library wizard (note that this wizard starts with this (the second) page), but it is possible to go 'Back' to the first page).
OWLLibraryEditorPageThree This page is almost exactly like its parent; it adds a method to pre-load the data when it already exists.
OWLLibraryEditorPageZero This class is almost identical to its parent.
OWLLibraryExportWizard Wizard for exporting Ontology Libraries.
OWLNewLibraryWizard A wizard for creating new SWeDE libraries.
PropertyEditor A widget used to populate Properties objects.
WizardsPlugin Plugin class for com.bbn.swede.ui.wizards.

Package com.bbn.swede.ui.wizards Description

Dialog boxes for creating and adding to Semantic Web projects and documents.

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