SWeDE 2.0.2 API

com.bbn.jena An Eclipse wrapper for the Jena Framework.
com.bbn.swede.core Provides classes and interfaces for interacting with the OWL model.
com.bbn.swede.core.builders Contains builders that are run against Semantic Web projects.
com.bbn.swede.core.config Persistent configuration information for Semantic Web projects.
com.bbn.swede.core.dom Implements a document object model for OWL documents in the RDF/XML syntax.
com.bbn.swede.core.dom.owl DOM nodes for OWL language elements.
com.bbn.swede.core.dom.rdf DOM nodes for RDF language elements.
com.bbn.swede.core.dom.rdfs DOM nodes for RDFS language elements.
com.bbn.swede.core.libraries Support for libraries: logical groupings of OWL files and associated metadata.
com.bbn.swede.core.resources Contains implementations of the OWL element interfaces defined in com.bbn.swede.core and a factory class for creating them.
com.bbn.swede.editor A text editor for OWL documents in the RDF/XML syntax.
com.bbn.swede.editor.contentassist Content assist support for the OWL source editor.
com.bbn.swede.editor.formatting Content formatting and auto-indent support for the OWL Source Editor.
com.bbn.swede.editor.rules Rules that control the partitioning of OWL documents for the editor.
com.bbn.swede.editor.visualeditors.restriction The RestrictionEditor, a graphical tool for creating, modifying and removing restrictions from classes in an ontology.
com.bbn.swede.library.dumpont An Eclipse wrapper for the DumpOnt ontology visualizer.
com.bbn.swede.library.kazuki An Eclipse wrapper for Kazuki API generation.
com.bbn.swede.library.vowlidator An Eclipse wrapper for the OWL validator.
com.bbn.swede.tools Miscellanious Semantic Web tools for SWeDE.
com.bbn.swede.tools.codegenerator Code generator support for creating programming language APIs based on Ontologies.
com.bbn.swede.tools.translator SWeDE's Translation support, allowing for extension and conversion among various Semantic Web formats
com.bbn.swede.ui Common user interface classes for SWeDE.
com.bbn.swede.ui.action Action classes responsible for handling SWeDE menu and toolbar items.
com.bbn.swede.ui.properties A package for SWeDE's Properties pages.
com.bbn.swede.ui.wizards Dialog boxes for creating and adding to Semantic Web projects and documents.
com.bbn.swede.ui.wizards.action Actions to spawn the dialogs in com.bbn.swede.ui.wizards.
com.bbn.swede.view Common view classes for SWeDE.
com.bbn.swede.view.uriexplorer.core Support code for URI Explorer.
com.bbn.swede.view.uriexplorer.ui User interface for URI Explorer.


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