Release History

2.0.2 2005-09-07SWeDE 2.0.2 for Eclipse 3.1
2.0.1 2005-07-13SWeDE 2.0.1 for Eclipse 3.1
2.0.0 2005-06-02SWeDE 2.0 for Eclipse 3.0
1.0.2 2005-03-01SWeDE 1.0.2 for Eclipse 3.0
1.0.1 2004-10-19SWeDE 1.0.1 for Eclipse 3.0
1.0.0 2004-08-12SWeDE 1.0.0 for Eclipse 3.0
0.9.0 2004-07-26SWeDE Beta for Eclipse 3.0
0.8.6 2004-07-01SWeDE Beta for Eclipse 3.0
0.8.5 2004-06-29Final Version Available for Eclipse 2.1.

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Release 2.0.2 - 2005-09-07

update Added Ontology Library wizard to the New shortcut menu in the Semantic Web perspective. jlerner
fix Added a null check to fix a crash in the Restriction Editor. jlerner
fix Bug #97: Autocomplete fails if document contains only instances aperezlo
fix Bug #98: SW project metadata is lost when the project is imported jlerner

Release 2.0.1 - 2005-07-13

update Refactored code to avoid using deprecated APIs aperezlo
update OWL creation toolbar is now accessible from visual editors jlerner
fix Corrected compatibility problems with Eclipse 3.1 jlerner
fix bug #90: Restriction editor gives errors when loading aperezlo
fix bug #91: "Unable to refresh file resource." jlerner
fix Mismatched auto-indent for end tags when tabs are mixed with spaces jlerner
fix Extraneous "owl:Class rdfs:subClassOf rdfs:Class" statement inserted in Jena model aperezlo
fix Incorrect text is selected after using New Ontology wizard jlerner
fix Over-indentation of singleton tags jlerner
fix Incorrect Jena model generation when editing duplicate statements jlerner

Release 2.0.0 - 2005-06-02

add Added API methods for modifying OWL documents in-memory jlerner
add Added Translators extension point ( aperezlo
add Added RDF/XML < - > N3 < - > N-Triples translator aperezlo
add Added Ontology Library feature aperezlo
add Added Visual Editors extension point (com.bbn.swede.editors.visualEditor) jlerner
add Added Restriction Editor aperezlo
add Added preference pages aperezlo
add Added content formatter for OWL editor. jlerner
add Added URI Explorer and Semantic Web perspective references to Jave and Resource perspectives jlerner
update Updated OAST event system to include deltas, composite events, and runnables jlerner
update Relocated Code Generators extension point (was com.bbn.swede.ui.codeGenerators, now jlerner
update Updated double-click strategy to support selecting attribute values jlerner
update Wrapped code generatos in Eclipse jobs aperezlo
update Added xsd namespace to initial OWL document contents jlerner
update Actions that modify OWL documents automatically disable for read-only files jlerner
update URI Explorer refreshes as you modify a document, not just when you save jlerner
fix bug #78: Ctrl+D to delete a line breaks the editor jlerner
fix bug #83: Content assist suggests rdf:Datatype, not rdf:datatype aperezlo
fix bug #80: Drag owl file from filesystem into a project jlerner
fix bug #85: URI Explorer fails to recognize new Semantic Web projects jlerner
fix Nodes in the content outline now stay expanded as you edit the document jlerner
fix Added a workaround for a strange SAX behavior that affected large literals jlerner
fix Content Outline now retains input focus after you change its selection jlerner
fix New OWL documents now auto-open in the OWL editor & auto-select in various Eclipse views jlerner
fix New Semantic Web projects now prompt for a perspective change & auto-select in various Eclipse views jlerner
fix Added a workaround for an issue with the JDK 1.5 version of the SAX that caused problems with incomplete XML prolog elements jlerner

Release 1.0.2 - 2005-03-01

update Invalid XML errors no longer cascade up the document if you edit a containing tag jlerner
update Massive overhaul of content assist; added singleton tag proposals, icons, " as an auto-activation character, added proposals for XSD datatypes. aperezlo
update Content assist lists now filter as you type. reblace
update feature #64: The OWL Editor's content outline now shows a tag's rdf:ID, if present, in addition to its QName. aperezlo
update Code generators can only be run against documents that contain no error markers. jlerner
fix A deleted source folder will now be recreated before running Schemagen or Kazuki jlerner
fix Errors when trying to delete OWL documents jlerner
fix Folders retain "OWL folder" icon after all OWL documents within them are deleted jlerner
fix bug #61: Valid documents becoming unparseable aperezlo
fix bug #63: No notification for failed OWL document import jlerner
fix bug #71: Can't edit OWL documents in non-SW projects dkolas
fix bug #72: Standard toolbars/menu actions don't work with OWL editor aperezlo

Release 1.0.1 - 2004-10-19

fix Fixed incompatibilities with JRE 1.5 reblace

Release 1.0.0 - 2004-08-12

add Added Automatic Indentation mechanism. reblace
add Added progress monitors to OWL file Validation and Code Generators. tself
add Added infrastructure for finding possibly resolvable pairs of XML errors tself
fix bug #17: Incomplete entity support jlerner
fix bug #29: XML errors are handled in isolation jlerner
fix bug #35: Kazuki wrapper fails on ontologies with indirect dependencies jlerner
fix bug #42: SWeDE now prompts the user to update from disk, any open file that is out of sync with the file system. reblace
fix bug #48: Error and Warning markers have no tooltip text jlerner
fix bug #49: Missing icons and keyboard shortcuts for standard actions in URI Explorer jlerner
fix bug #51: After closing a SW project, you cannot reopen it. reblace
fix bug #52: The SWeDE toolbar buttons now remain active when the focus is the edi tor for an open .owl file. reblace
fix bug #53: Removed OWL documents remain open in the editor jlerner
fix bug #54: Closed SW projects now show the closed project icon in the URI Explorer. When they are reopened the open SW project icon is shown again. reblace
fix bug #55: Files with no extension break URI Explorer on startup jlerner
fix bug #56: Closed projects in URI Explorer look like they have children jlerner
fix bug #58: OWL documents get copied to the bin directory after code generation jlerner
fix bug #59: SW project information now recurses into subdirectories to search for files to persist data for. reblace
fix bug #60: Document offset errors after adding and deleting an XML comment jlerner

Release 0.9.0 - 2004-07-26

add Added a project configuration file system that stores project metadata and persists it independantly of the Eclipse workspace metadata. Also includes a migrate feature to add this feature to projects created with previous versions of SWeDE. This addition addresses Bug #40. reblace
update Modified document event handling to only update the abstract syntax tree after continuous editing has stopped for a second. reblace
update DumpOnt now runs off of the current Jena Model representation of the owl file, rather than the file itself. reblace
fix Reimplemented various aspects of the editor and simplified syntax highligyting to improve performance on large files [Bugs 32, 36 ] jlerner
fix Implemented correct handling of rdf:parseType="Collection" [Bug 31 ] jlerner
fix Undefined namespaces no longer break the Jena model jlerner
add Added a basic event mechanism for the OWL Abstract Syntax Tree jlerner
add Added double-click strategy to editor jlerner

Release 0.8.6 - 2004-07-01

update Ported to run in Eclipse 3.0 reblace
update Modified syntax validation to only occur on save (less annoying while typing) tself
update Fixed DumpOnt to stop showing duplicates and improved document synchronization jlerner

Release 0.8.5 - 2004-06-29

fix Fixed bugs in Project, Document, Ontology, Class, and Property wizards [Bugs 19,20,21,23,24 ] tself
fix Allow URI Explorer to show all projects [Bug 18 ] tself
fix Fixed editor to show errors immediately [Bug 28 ] tself
fix Fixed bugs in OWL editor [Bugs 30,34,44,45 ] jlerner
fix Allow URI Explorer to navigate non-SWeDE projects [Bug 41 ] jlerner
update Reformatted all code to consistent style tself