SWeDE Views

SWeDE contributes and/or utilizes the following views in the Eclipse workbench:

URI Explorer

The URI Explorer shows the element hierarchy of the SWeDE projects in your workbench. The view is customized for displaying Semantic Web content within the project documents. For instance, an OWL file can be expanded to reveal the classes and properties that it contains. Various icons are used to indicate the the various types of files within the project. Documents can be opened from the URI Explorer. Further, they can be opened to a specific location within the document by opening the contained class or property.


The Outline view displays the outline of the structured file that is currently open in the editor area. The contents of the Outline view depend on the editor being used. The OWL source editor, shown below, displays the various nodes in the order they appear in the file. Some node types are Things (classes or instances), Attributes, and Properties.


The Problems view is used to display syntax and validation errors within the project documents.

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